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It has gained an extraordinary reputation amongst people who really want to come to know the truth about themselves.

Most people tend to think that the life, love, and success they so deeply long for is a far away dream - a mountain to climb. Life IS after all a hero's journey - we have challenge, obstacles, pain, and loss, we battle inner demons, we sharpen our swords, and we find love and hidden treasure.

And it's all worth it, if you're climbing the right mountain.

It's all worth it, if you're living according to your true nature... know, the original YOU before the world got its hands on you,


before the stories that told you who you should be.

The Living Narrative is a deeply healing, unconventional personal growth process for the bold and audacious ones who long to create an extraordinary existence. A profound inner work, it combines neuroscience and a variety of psychological and spiritual approaches to let go of old stories, wounds, beliefs and judgments that don't serve you or the person you're becoming. 


It will bring you an aliveness and authenticity that increases your passion and zest for life, and awaken your true nature.

If you are interested in creating an orgasmic life by deepening your sense of purpose and authenticity, finding greater happiness and fulfillment, and creating deeply fulfilling, juicy relationships, we have many powerful workshops, retreats, rapid transformational therapy and coaching experiences for you. 

because the world needs more people who are turned on by their lives.


Hi Gorgeous, I'm Sol​​

As a Rapid Transformation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher for more than 10 years, I host impactful experiences around the world + web. I've helped hundreds of people awaken to the power of their story and rapidly transform their lives from the inside out.

​​I'm here to help you UNAPOLOGETICALLY OWN WHO YOU ARE and what you really want to see in the world, so that you can feel confident, deepen your sense of purpose and authenticity, create deeply fulfilling, juicy relationships, and live an orgasmic existence. 

"Because the world needs more people who are turned on by their life." -Sol


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This transformational audio is used by top performers and high achievers around the world to shrink the inner critic and feel irresistible confidence  in less than 20 minutes!


Patricia Baxter
Managing Partner

I can’t say enough good things about how Sol. She has helped me see things in a way I never could’ve imagined before. I came to her because I wanted help with a food addiction, but working with her turned into so much more. I am a better lawyer, a better managing partner, a better leader, a better mother, and a better friend, through my work with her. But perhaps most importantly, I found myself! She is truly a gift from the Universe.


Sara Lurie

Sol has helped me change habits I thought I’d never be able to get rid of. I’ve tried many different methods and her technique freed me from years of suffering in a matter of moments. She’s gifted, highly skilled, and I trust her tremendously. My life has been forever altered for the better, I’m honored to continue this work with her!!! I got results very quickly, and continue to get more clarity each day. Thank you Sol for your incredible dedication!!


Shaju Jacob

Sol is an amazing teacher! If you are lucky you find a teacher that reminds you of what you are capable of…that you can run through walls and then shows you how! Whether it comes to helping change habits, teaching you to focus, or a change in perspective I would be surprised if there is a problem that she can’t help you with. I cannot imagine a better person to help teach you to write your own story. I am extremely grateful for crossing paths with her and all that she has taught me

The story you tell, becomes the life you live.
Your story is alive.
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