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Are you an ambitious person with big dreams, but keep getting held back by self-doubt and procrastination?

Would you like to achieve your goals with pleasure so you can feel confident, on purpose, enjoy deeply fulfilling juicy relationships, and get TURNED ON by your life?

In your complimentary Life Direction Session ($350 value) you'll get clarity on where you're at now, what you want, and what's been holding you back. You'll learn how you can easily and rapidly transform your habits, and experience more pleasure and joy in your career and relationships, using my proven Living Narrative system.

You'll get clear on what you want and where you're going, and leave the call with next steps to take right away to improve your life, feeling excited to reach your vision.

Claim your Call!

WARNING: Before you claim your call you must know that this isn't for everybody. It's only for people who have destructive habits or tired of the same old patterns that keeps them feeling stuck, & who are committed to changing their thinking and have the courage to do what it takes, so they can have the love, joy, and fulfillment they deserve.

Being successful and happy doesn't magically happen. You can't just repeat a few affirmations and think your life is going to change. Deep down, you already know this right? Do any of these things hold you back from creating the life you really want?

  • Procrastination + Playing Small

  • Fear of Being Seen + Avoid Putting Yourself Out There

  • Destructive Habits (drinking too much & emotional eating)

  • Dating the Same Person with a Different Face (*plz break this pattern!)

  • Difficulty Making Decisions + Doubting Yourself

  • Negative Thinking + Being Overly Critical

  • Overworking + Lacking Real Pleasure and Joy


Your Life Direction Session will assess which elements of your life most need your attention, so you can experience more pleasure, love, and success than ever before.


We'll create a new vision for what's possible in your life, your love and your career, examine what gets in the way of having it, and determine if and how support from me would best support you in creating the relationship of your dreams.

There's nothing wrong with you. You're just unsupported and in our modern world that overvalues productivity, it's easy to get stuck. But staying stuck and powerless is a painful options. And it is an option.

It's time to put the right support in place to help you thrive, and gain the most important skills you'll ever learn in your life.

Sol Saint.Germaine

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist & Pleasure Coach

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