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In 40 days you will:

 Release the negative thinking patterns that have been weighing you down

 Get into your best physical and mental health and wake up feeling happy and motivated

 Put an end to self-sabotage while having FUN

✔ Activate tremendous confidence, power, and self-trust so you easily stick to your goals

✔ Deepen connection, pleasure, and joy, and discover what makes you come alive

✔ Look and feel confident naked


40 Day Transformation Experience

with Sol Saint-Germaine

Reg. Price $2000

One Payment of

Early Bird Only $997


Reg. Price $2000

3 Installments of

Only $397 


Your 40-day Transformation Experience Includes:

Personal Mind-Body Practice (customized to your goals) to build strength, focus, energy, confidence, and self-love so that you can feel clear-minded, emotionally balanced every day.

7 Intimate LIVE Group Transformation Experiences (on Zoom every Thursday at 6 pm PT) to open your heart, deepen your practice, expand your consciousness, and bring more joy, fun, and connection into your life.

1 Private Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session to quickly transform one area of your choice: Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Emotional Eating, Weightloss, Effortless Exercise Motivation, Fear of Intimacy, Self-Love, Confidence, IBS, or any other health or body-related issue.

Weekly Accountability Calls to keep you energized, on track, and to help you stay focused through any challenges that may arise


Fun Playwork and Easy Creative Challenges and other surprises to keep your energy high throughout your week so you can bring more of YOU into all that you do in your career and relationships.


Support in an Online Community with other powerful people just like you.


This is a paradigm shift in your relationship with your body.

Whether you want to break an addiction, deepen intimacy in your relationship, get to the next level in your business, or simply feel sexy when you look in the mirror -- this 40 day transformation will deepen your relationship with your body and show you how to come alive and unapologetically own who you are so you can look and feel good NAKED: mentally, emotionally, spiritually -- and physically.

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