3 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever

The questions we ask in life determine what shows up for us. When we think about designing our futures we consider trips we’d like to take, purchases we’d like to save for and who we’d like to spend time with. We make lists in our heads and weigh our options to make sure we have enough time and money, and plan for what we can fit in. We ask ourselves, “How much money do I need to save to buy a new bike?” and “How many late nights do I have to work so that I can get extra vacation time?” We proceed to find the answers to those questions, and decide if we the trip is feasible. In this scenario, you’re limited by the resources and knowledge of what you believe is currently available to you. When you ask ‘how many extra hours do I need to work to make the money to buy the new bike?’ you are limiting yourself to receiving the bike in exchange for cash that you earn at your job.

Meanwhile, there are countless ways that you could receive your new bike. A friend moving across the country could give you their bike. You could win one in a draw. Your neighbor may have an extra bike they don’t use. You could get a surprise cheque in the mail from a utility company that accidentally overcharged you. When you limit yourself to working x hours to make x money so that you can pay for the thing you want, you cut yourself off from receiving what you want from other sources.

The things that show up in our lives are directly related to the questions we ask ourselves. If you ask yourself different questions, you will get different answers showing up in the world around you. Here are a few questions that will seriously upgrade the way you look at the things you want to do with your life and open you up to receiving miracles.

What would it take?

This question really doesn’t need to be answered right away. Simply by asking ‘What would it take to start my dream career?’ you open yourself to greater possibility. Your not restricting yourself by parameters like money, contacts, experience and the knowledge you currently have. Instead, you’re inviting life to show you what it would take. You’ll be far more open to new ideas that you may have otherwise overlooked by asking a restricting question such as ‘How can I get $1500 to pay for the course?’

It asks you to be open to new conversations and different perspectives to your problem. So ask this question consistently and let life reveal the answer.

Why is it so easy?

This is a subconscious jedi mind trick. When you ask yourself ‘Why is it so easy to a