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Does Rapid Transformational Therapy (rtt) work?

The Living Narrative here to demystify transformation and healing and show you how to quickly change your story, and design a life you love.

... Because the story you tell becomes the life you live

How Rapid Transformational Therapy helped me quit smoking

My very first experience with hypnotherapy was to quit smoking.

Literally instantly wiped my mind that I ever smoked anything. It was so effortless.

It blew My Mind. That’s when I realized I wanted to learn more about it.

Then I found Marisa Peer, who is a world-renowned therapist. When I found out she was teaching her method I just KNEW I had to learn from her.

So I immediately jumped into her training. In the training, we are all practicing on each other while we learn, and in one of my sessions I just couldn’t see anything… nothing was happening for me! It was really frustrating… then one of the trainers came over and told me to be more curious… so I played along… I remember thinking "maybe I am wrapped in blankets? Warm and cozy..."

re-experienced my birth, which was profound for healing this overwhelming sense of doom and anxiety that I carried my whole life. Gone in the session.

That was 5 years ago and now I have the most rewarding career and I have since helped hundreds of people transform their story. I specialize in working with addictions, chronic pain, sexuality, and especially women's issues, helping them reclaim their pleasure, power, confidence, and capacity to design a life they love. So they don’t have to work so hard and struggle to feel good about themselves and feel safe in the world.

One of my clients Catherine, approaching 40 had a TON of relationship baggage and hurt, and felt that she would never find someone who would actually treat her right.

She was increasingly afraid to date, kept attracting narcissistic guys, and on top of that her social anxiety was getting worse. She couldn’t even meet up with her friends without drinking wine. She even had to drink before going to the gym.

She joined my Rebirth program, and in less than 12 weeks we gave her a COMPLETELY new story. Healed her past emotional trauma, social anxiety, drinking, and smoking addictions, and programmed her to be, and love the radiant goddess that she is. Fast forward 3 months and she got into the best shape of her life, met the man of her dreams. Fast forward a year later and they are married and expecting a beautiful baby!

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Psychotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Regression Therapy.

Past experiences, habits, and beliefs create patterns in your subconscious mind, and that these patterns dictate your attitudes, actions, and reactions and behaviors in life.

With RTT you can understand the root cause of the problem, reframe the belief and the transformation begins.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of directly accessing the subconscious mind so that clients can understand what is running their unwanted behaviours and then become free of them through a process of suggestion that bypasses the conscious mind and the critical factor allowing the mind to accept suggestions it would previously have not accepted.

Hypnosis for Self Image

I've personally see Rtt help different people with problems like...

  1. Lack of confidence,

  2. low self-esteem,

  3. deep-rooted negative self-beliefs,

  4. self-doubt, self-criticism,

  5. perfectionism,

  6. fear of not fitting in and being different,

  7. social anxiety.

What are the common causes of emotional issues?

Emotional issues can be caused by many things, including old traumas, blocked emotions, deep-rooted fixed beliefs, anger issues, childhood memories, painful past experiences of school, and authority figures.

What are the common health problems that Rapid Transformational Therapy helps with?

  • Insomnia

  • anxiety

  • claustrophobia

  • stress

  • low immunity

  • migraines

  • pain

  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  • skin problems

  • fertility

  • weight loss, etc.

What bad habits, fears or additions do Rapid Transformational Therapy help with?

Unhealthy eating habits, shopping, drinking, procrastination, learned helplessness, controlling issues, biting nails, fear of flying, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of uncertainty, public speaking fear, fear of mistakes, etc

What financial and corporate performance issues does Rapid Transformational Therapy help with?

Money beliefs, financial stability, uncomfortable requesting pay rise or promotion, poor performance at work, presentation skills, confidence, and leadership, pitching business and selling services, communication skills, small talk and meeting people.

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy help with Relationship Issues?

Often, I've found that relationship issues come from recurring patterns linked to self-sabotage. These patterns often manifest as...

  1. Fear of getting hurt,

  2. Fear of commitment,

  3. Painful experiences and past traumas,

  4. Jealousy,

  5. Repetitive patterns of dating,

  6. Unable to trust, and

  7. Loyalty issues.

If you feel like you would like to start your own RTT journey, click the link here and book your first session!


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