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Find your Soulmate Connection

Lie back and listen to this Mind Magic self-hypnosis to manifest love and find your soulmate connection! Lie back, relax and wait for the one to walk into your life. Using your own power you can manifest love in your life using the law of attraction. This guided meditation and self-hypnosis will help you shift your mindset, putting fresh, new and powerful energy into the universe to get you what you desire.

Take a moment to think of the qualities that you require in the person you want to share your life with. What would this person’s qualities be? What are their goals? What are their values? What are your goals, values and qualities that would make you attractive to them?

Become your own love coach! Boost your confidence and manifest the right partner for you with this soulmate connection meditation and powerful hypnosis. Create a new pattern for attracting love relationships and bring true and lasting love into your life 🖤

This is a shortened ten minute clip and you can download the full length transformation recording at


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