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How to do Automatic Writing to Connect with Higher Guidance (works every time!)

You can find the best answers to your own life's questions in just a few, free and easy steps!

If you ever feel stuck, confused or have a hard time making decisions in life then I made this for YOU.

Or maybe you want to write a book, get creative inspiration and deepen your connection to spirit.

I used to spend so much time reading books, listening to podcasts, asking others for advice, searching, seeking, frozen in place afraid of making the wrong decisions in life….

I wasted SO MUCH time and energy doubting myself!

Then I learned how to do automatic writing and I got instant access to the best advice, wisdom and answers to all of my complicated questions about myself and life.

It’s my mission to help you activate your gifts and your purpose so that you can have juicy relationships and live an inspired, healthy, abundant life.

How can you find and unblock your Biggest Challenges?

The process I’m about to share with you has helped me discover my biggest blocks and challenges, it’s helped me make important decisions, it’s helped me write content for Instagram really fast...


I even wrote a book in a 5 days silent retreat using this technique. Most importantly… if I ever feel stuck, emotional, weird, or need to make decisions about something in life I ALWAYS use automatic writing to get clarity, focus and understanding. What is "automatic writing"?

Automatic writing is a practice that brings your inner spiritual guidance into being.

In a nutshell -- it’s writing BEYOND your critical thinking mind -- so that you can access resources you already have like...

  • self-awareness

  • healing and developing your relationship to your higher self

  • inner spirit teachers and

  • free-flowing inspiration.

Instead of leaving it all in your head, you’re able to see the guidance from your spirit or higher self so you can use it for your healing and direction in life. There are many techniques to drop into this space and I’m going to share my exact method for tuning into my soul and receiving higher guidance.


1. Find a clear space in your home, library or office

It’s important to have a clear headspace and part of that is finding a room of some kind that is safe, quiet and clear. Outside under a tree is even better.

Do not attempt this in a place that feels heavy or is cluttered with stuff. 2. Clearing Your Mind.

My way to drop into a clear mind is a dance for 1 song, then do breathwork, usually long slow, deep belly breathing for 1 song.

Note: I also use the essential oil of rosemary every time.

3. Listen to Binaural Beats, with headphones.

Search for a video on youtube that you like. I like magnetic minds.

Basically, a Binaural Beat is a sounds track that plays different frequency tones in each ear.

Some people also prefer to listen to you can also listen to classical music.

Music changes your brain waves and prepares you for creativity, inspiration and meditation.

4. Set your intention.

Why are you sitting down to write, what is your desired outcome?

Call on your higher self, angels, guides, god, whatever energy you want to tap into…

Even if you don’t feel that anything is happening, just trust that you’ve been heard and move on to the next step.

5. Sit with pen and paper.

if you are new to this, over time you may want to experiment with using your computer but I think it’s important to start with pen and paper because it’s more physical and connect to your heart.

6. If you are new to this practice then ask specific questions.

For one full page dump your mind onto paper. Write down all your thoughts…

7. Now ask a specific question.

Write it down.

Ask insightful questions that will help you learn more about yourself and your situation.

“Why do I continue to create a lack of abundance in my financial life?”

“What would it take to call in a soul mate relationship?

8. Just start writing…

The answer you are looking for is….

I fill it out.

I keep coming back to that...

To call in a soulmate relationship what I need to know is…..

Over and over, keep answering the things...

Some people may sit in silence until a word comes but I like to keep my fingers moving. Over time I’ve been able to tell the difference between answers that come from my small habitual mind and the higher guidance of my soul. The more you practice, the easier this will be until you have pages and pages of writing. Now, when you listen, the key is to not judge or analyze what you get in your head. Write it and keep it ongoing. This doesn’t give your ego a chance to create self-doubt. If you do find that you doubt yourself a lot and the voice of your inner critic is really loud and it prevents you from hearing your own inner wisdom.

You can download my FREE hypnosis recording by clicking here and you can start to shrink the inner critic and install irresistible confidence in less than 20 mins.


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