When I decided to take my hypnotherapy biz full time I got a coach. I was so motivated!

I became a coffee addict boss babe and proud of it!

My mom told me, Don't work so hard. Relax, go for a walk and have some fun. 'Okay, I said, I will just as soon as my business is up and running and successful, then I will take time off and we can take a nice trip.'

Three months went by and the coaching program ended. I still had a massive list of things to do so I got busy with the checklists and the FB groups and the chatbots and the marketing tactics... I got new clients, and my business grew, but I was exhausted. I was stuck in a cycle of working hard to make money just to spend and lose it all because I was burnt out.

I needed a change so I got another biz coach. I got new strategies, a better plan. She showed me that I just needed to change what I was doing. This would make it all easier. Nope. Another year in the same cycle.

I was so ashamed because here I was, the expert at helping people see their blindspots... but I couldn't see mine. And I was too embarrassed to talk about it or ask for help. Why is this so hard? I got the biz coaches, I got the systems... Why does this suck so much?’

My friend saw my frustration and invited me to a women's retreat, to which I responded, 'Sounds nice, but I don't have time or money to spend a week sitting around with women relaxing. Maybe after I get more clients.'

I knew in my heart that my next level of success was going to come from doing the inner work, improving my mindset and my energy. But, when I looked at my bank account I couldn’t justify the retreat.

Do you know what they call it when you are doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results??

YEP. That's when it hit me. Hard. I talked it out with my friend who is especially good at seeing where I was tricking myself and trying to rationalize a life and behaviors to protect, rather than serve me.