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How to STAY PRODUCTIVE at home when you are exhausted and distracted.

Being Productive at Home

If you work from home then you know that sometimes, when it comes to being productive the struggle is VERY real.

I’m going to share with you why that is, why most of the advice you’ve been given doesn’t work, and what you can do to get focused on the things that matter most, especially when you just tired, and easily distracted

Procrastination is a dream killer.

Trust me I know. Before I understood what I’m about to share with you I struggled for years, imagining, journaling and visualizing my dreams - and taking NO action.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I know that most of what you are taught about being a boss babe and a ‘goal-getter’ just doesn’t work.

I’ve helped hundreds of people rewrite their story and intentionally design their life, and it all starts with tackling this issue of procrastination.

In reality, this step is SO easy, it’s just that most people have this step backwards.

Here’s what you need to know to become a "goal-getter"

1. Boundaries

  • What you say no to is just as important if not MORE than what you are trying to say yes to.

  • Be an automatic NO unless it’s supporting your vision.

  • This will help the low energy

  • If you are working at home that might look like turning your phone off, putting do not distrub sign on the bedroom or office door and honoring that no matter what.

  • Honestly give yourself 3 days no phone and see what happens, it will literally be the best thing you ever did.

2. Personal Energy

  • Whatever you create will hold the energy that you are BEING. So before you try to work on anything, check in with your personal energy.

  • Doesn’t mean you need a perfect morning routine

  • It just means you maybe need to walk around the block, have a shower, dance to a song.

  • Self-care may seem counterintuitive but trust me, more breaks will make you more relaxed and it’s a relaxed nervous system that operates better

  • Your personal energy is #1 MOST important thing when it comes to beating procrastination and being productive.

3. Clarity of Direction

This is often overlooked

Do you know exactly where you are going and exactly what tasks will take you there?

If you don’t, you are surely going to find every distraction and self-sabotage tendency.

  • Walking to the kitchen for snacks

  • Looking at instagram and refreshing emails every 15 minutes

  • Vacuum the living room, call your mom…

  • Order almond butter and chia seeds on amazon….

  • Research the best supplements to make your skin glow….

A Quick Word On The importance of Self-Talk

The voice inside your head has the power to distract you and destroy your dreams, and it also has the power to direct your life and take you exactly where you want to go.

The story you tell becomes the life you live. This is the #1 most important thing for you to understand. You can talk yourself out of or into anything, and it is usually fear that makes you procrastinate or get distracted.

I have a really easy and super-powerful solution that takes less than 20 minutes and it has transformed hundreds of people's lives.


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