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Lawyer Turned Life Coach

The Living Narrative Podcast Episode Highlights

[1:00] Home Alone with Covid

[8:00] Becoming a Lawyer to Work for the Mob

[14:00] Going Down the Wrong Path

[19:00] Learning to ‘Adult’

[25:00] Increased Confidence & Self-Worth with Rapid Transformational Therapy

[30:00] The World’s Biggest Problem is Our Thinking

[31:00] Explaining to Dad why I Quit Law to be a Coach

[41:00] Risking it all and Going All-In on me

[42:30] The Underlying belief that Keeps you Stuck

[46:30] Get Better at Time Management

[54:00] Taking Adderall to Overwork & Drinking to Fall Asleep

[59:30] How to Get Through This Time

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