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Love Is Medicine

"...and this was my ego death because, you know, as a doctor, it's really intense because your identity see it's related to your job. Job is who you are. Dr. So and so, so it was like, if you don't work as a doctor, who are you? Who are you? So of course it was, it was intense. It was scary. However, I knew that if I was ever to really show up as the full me, I had to go through that..."

Full Episode:


[3:00] The Morning Routines of a Shamanic Love Doctor [

11:00] The Real Reason We Meditate 

[19:00] Discovering Spiritual Gifts in Med School 

[28:00] Breaking Societal Conditioning 

[34:00] How To Move Through Global Changing Events 

[42:00] A New Definition of Success 


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