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Making Money Magic

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Does making money feel like hard work?

Maybe you make good money, but you struggle to save and invest it.

You want to make more money but do you even believe in yourself?

What shows up externally is always a reflection of what’s happening internally.

And yes, that means money.

If you think all you need to do is to put in more hours, work harder or get the right marketing strategies, you are missing an amazing opportunity to discover your inner magic, and see how you can make money magic!


And yet, so many people feel like they never have enough, despite the fact that money has the propensity to be deeply magical and phenomenally transformative.

Katherine's Story

Katherine was working a part time job while trying to turn her side hustle into a business for 6 years. She was making some money, but not enough to quit her job. She tried to be on LinkedIn, Pinterest, she tried Facebook ads, business coaching. She was constantly marketing herself by posting on social media all day long but nobody responded to anything she shared.

She was tired, losing hope and had pretty much decided to give up...

But then she came to me. We quickly identified the root cause of her self-doubt, cleared self-sabotage behaviors, and gave her a new story.

She immediately increased her confidence about sharing her business, became inspired to start doing FB lives, and within 3 months grew her biz enough to leave her day job and never look back. At year end she told me she 3x her income from the previous year!

And here’s where the MAGIC comes in

I helped her discover an important soul lessons for her - that she could stop hiding. She didn’t have to hide her beauty anymore like she did when she was a child because her Mom was jealous that her dad gave her so much attention. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She could really belief in herself, and be the beautiful, bright soul that she is.

She also lost 22lbs without changing anything about her diet. (This wasn't our main focus - but weight loss is a VERY common side effect when you let go of emotional baggage.)

My Story

I came from VERY low self-worth programming and structure of beliefs surrounding money - two young parents that struggled and talked about how broke we were while writing hot checks.

I watched both of my parents work hard at jobs that weren’t their passions, and I especially watched my mom's tough relationship with money as she raised us on her own.

It's the one thing that brings her the most stress.

Like everyone, my subconscious structure of beliefs surrounding money were imprinted between the ages of 0-14. That is what our subconscious continues to believe is possible for us, and then goes ahead and creates that.

And because my mother had grown up in a poverty and struggling environment – along with a household that didn't foster any self-worth, she had very little, especially regarding how much she deserved to be making.

I inherited the same messages.

What beliefs did you inheret about money?

Money is all energetics

Once I got into my subconscious and pinpointed what was really down there on a belief level, it was pretty sad. The phrase that kept coming up most was, I’m not worth it.

At age 25, I learned how to reprogram my beliefs using Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Now there are many ways you can reprogram your mind, and RTT is one of my favorite because it helps you get to the real root cause really quickly. and this is a crucial step to fixing your relationship with money.

I learned how to write my own story, and I keep improving the story every day.

As I learned how to value myself, my value increased. And it showed financially.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the way I was with my money was also reflected in my health, and in my relationships, which is really cool because as I learned how to save, invest and grow my wealth, so my relationships improved too. Even for my parents, the problem was never really about money - it was about self-worth.

Making Money Magic

Discover how to Make Money Magic! I’m not talking casting a spell to make dollar bills fall from the sky. I’m talking about getting real with why you have money problems in the first place, and how to to fix it.

Because you are magic!

And making money can be magic too...

I created a powerful 21 day Hypnotic Transformation after experiencing mind blowing results from clients in my Quantum Leap program.

I saw how the powerful and immediate changes added so much richness and magic to their lives - that I decided to make the wealth upgrade available as a stand alone program called

  • Unlock the flow of money and massively increase your ability to receive and keep money

  • Release unconscious barriers and limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Install a rich mindset for success and invest your time and energy into growing your bank accounts

I've designed this system to make it as easy as possible for you to change your life and the lives of the people around you for the better. Because, as you will soon realize, being rich isn't just about you - it's about how you impact the world around you.

Wanting money is a fundamental right of every human being that wants to live a decent life. It is your right to be rich. You are here to lead the abundant life, to be happy, radiant and free. To obtain this wealth, along with the positive actions of your conscious mind, you have to train your subconscious as well.

If you’re ready to make money magic come join us for the LIVE transformation experience that will activate your next level of abundance in less than 21 days:


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