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Making Self Discipline Easier

It's no secret that discipline will improve your life, but if you are used to procrastinating and it feels hard to do the things you say you are going to do, keep reading.

As a free-spirit trust me when I say that Self Discipline has the power to give your life a different kind of freedom; the best part is it doesn't have to be hard! It all comes down to the way you look at self discipline, talk about it and the way you identify with it.

These are a few of the things I use with my clients to help them create new habits and get to their next level of success:

1. Change your Self Image

We all have a self image in our subconscious mind. This self image is basically a collection of our preferences, memories, personality and all the other things we’ve collected along the way that shape our identity. This image can cause things like seeing certain details of a situation more promentatly than another. But know this; self image is ALWAYS guiding decision making. So, if you decide that you want to change your habits, the best thing to go to if your self image.

The trick here is the start creating images in your mind of you being the type of person that does the thing that you are striving for. If your goal is to start going to the gym every morning, play the image in your mind that you are that person now, it is simply who you are!

Tools to self imagine:


Daily Visualization

Transformational Journaling

2. Communicating with your mind - I want, I choose, I decide

Most people feel like they have no control over the thoughts that run through your mind, let alone over their lives. But, the truth is that you're sitting in the captain's seat of your mind; you can direct your thoughts. And just because those doubtful ones trickle in from time to time does not have that you have to listen to them. Most of the thoughts that you think come from a combination of your environment, the people you srruond yourself with, the things that you consume (music, food, tv), and thing beliefs you learned in your childhood. You actually have the tremendous power to overcome your default thinking, and claim exactly what you want by communicating with your mind from the command seat. A very powerful tool that I learned from Marissa Peer; I want, I choose, I decide. This is a powerful mantra that claims the task at hand that you are trying to accomplish. It is very hard for the body to reject these thoughts and actions when you claim it so strongly.

3. Meeting the Needs of your Inner Child

Take a moment to think about a child's basic needs. A child needs rest, play and nourishment. Our emotional body is a lot like the needs of a child. Meeting these needs can have a major breakthrough for overcoming procrastination. Meeting the needs of the inner child is what it means to fill your cup first. When the needs of your inner child are met, you have everything you need to move forward, but if these needs aren’t met, that inner child will fight against the growth you are trying to achieve.

In our high performing world, it is so difficult to remind yourself to take the time to play, rest and nourish yourself, but it can be so powerful. Take that 20 minutes a day to sit down and colour, have a nap or dance mindlessly, you will come back and be way more focused and procrastination will not be a problem anymore!

4. Solitude

Spending time alone in solitude gives you time to organize your thoughts and give your body a rest. This is the time that you don't need to be productive, you don't need to answer your phone or emails. Just take this time to rest your brain, enjoy some me time and come back to work with a fresh and motivated mind.

Self-discipline isn’t only for athletes and academics. As a free-spirited nomad with a wild heart, I can assure you that self-discipline has the potential to give you great freedom in life and is a worthy value to practice. Instead of letting environmental conditions and cultural norms control and condition you, I invite you to rethink the way you look at discipline.

Because if you don’t control your life, everything else will.

When you make discipline your friend instead of fearing it, you can use it's incredible power to change your self image, which is the key to directing your life.


Start your year with a powerful new Self Identity that supports your goals and new actions.

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