Nauseating Abundance

Think back the last time you worried about money. It likely wasn’t too long ago.

People come to me with this issue all the time: No matter how much money they make, whether it’s 50k or 500k a year, nearly everyone feels like they don’t have enough. This restlessness is a self-fulfilling prophecy and keeps you trapped in the survival emotions of the lower energy centers and robs you of joy and freedom. (if this sounds like you, go here for FREE download of the hypnosis recording I made to overcome this limiting belief).

I was on the phone yesterday with a client who recognized her problem of being addicted to a disempowering story of not having enough. She was contracted, stressed and worried about paying her bills. She told me about unexpected expenses and having to remortgage her home. She explained how in her mind, she logically understood that focusing on the problem doesn't help, but all she could think about is the issue and feeling like she just not making enough money. She's just not feeling enough, etc. So she's telling me this and I'm listening to her barrel down the lack train. I stopped her and said, “Okay. I know where this is going, and it’s not a story you’re enjoying.”

I offered her to jump on a different train. Let's see where this one takes us. I was walking while having this conversation so I paused to hunker down and sit in the trees of the lush British Columbia rainforest and deeply breathe in the fresh oxygen as I said to her, “You wake up in the morning and you get to breathe as much beautiful oxygen as you want.

And then you can go outside and you can go anywhere. You live in a place where you can literally go anywhere you want, you're safe to walk and explore and you have a strong able body, fit to take you wherever you wish to adventure.

And you can go to your closet and choose from so many different options. I'm sure you have many different pairs of shoes to choose from too.

And then you can go to the grocery store and there's such a wide variety of foods to choose from, think of all the different flavors and combinations available to you.

And then you can go to the library and you can read any book there so many books at the library -- you could never read them all. You could even go on the internet and research anything you want. You have so much information at the tip of your fingers. You can learn anything you want, anytime you want.

In fact, you have so many options that you probably get decision-making fatigue by noon!”

My rant had me feeling nauseous and overwhelmed with the options and possibilities. Overcoming my own money blocks and lack-mentality has been a process of discovering my worth and loving all parts of myself. The benefits of tuning into gratitude are unmistakably effective at shifting the lack story, but this conversation yesterday brought it to a whole other level.

In this transmission I connected to the futility - or rather the impotence -- of having so many options. More of anything doesn’t fill the gaps that are created in the mind.We have so many options and end up hiding behind them, and