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Self Hypnosis to Increase Confidence

Learn how to use the power of your mind to quickly increase your confidence and motivation

If you’ve suffered from low self-confidence, you’re probably familiar with rumination, or the tendency to mull over worries and perceived mistakes, replaying them over and over and over...

Excessive rumination creates anxiety and it can snowball into depression, and make you withdraw from the world, and people are especially vulnerable now with social isolation and quarantining.

But by getting a handle on the voice in your head, what I like to call the inner critic, you are filling up your tank with confidence, and learning how to use your mind powerfully so that you can break the cycle of over-thinking.

When you have confidence you can do anything. You can be creative, see new solutions, ask for help, be open to opportunities. You can come back from rejection, you can try new things… you can basically do anything you want without getting in your own way and stopping yourself before you even start.

To be confident is to trust yourself. And in order to trust yourself you have to get to know yourself and to allow who you really are to live in the world.

It’s such a rare quality to see someone truly lives as who they really want to be. Most people don’t even know what they want.

Not because it’s some impossible quest… but because you’ve spent so many years being critiqued and evaluated from parents, teachers, peers… you’ve been told what is and isn’t beautiful, what success is suppose to look like and every day in the media you’ve been sold the lie that you are not enough.

That you need to be skinnier, richer, funnier, smarter, faster, taller, hotter… whatever…

Watch the video to see how you can increase your confidence and quiet your inner critic and download this hypnosis track and start listening for the next 5 days.


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