So... Do I need to Heal? Or I AM ENOUGH? I'm Confused!!

There’s nothing wrong with you!! But if you are feeling pain or suffering in any way, there are probably parts of your life experience that you haven’t fully integrated yet. There may be a disconnection from what you think you need and what you actually need. (That’s what anxiety is) Anxiety and depression are not problems to be fixed. They are directional coordinates that indicate where you are NOT living, breathing, acting and speaking your Truth.

I’ve learned from both my own personal relationships and from working with a very diverse clientele in my clinical hypnotherapy practice that viewing anyone as broken or needing healing doesn’t help anyone. Finding the words to express my desire to help humans transcend victim consciousness while also letting them know they are perfect and beautiful and enough as they are... well, isn't always easy. But every bit of my being is determined to keep sharing the tools and practices that have helped thousands of people transform their story from the inside out.

Looking at things as if there’s all this stuff to ‘fix’ and to heal isn’t the answer. You don’t need to fix yourself, I want you to accept and love yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to stay the way you are just because you accept where you are it just means that you are going to stop judging yourself and condemning and shaming yourself so that if you do decide you want to change it can come from ease and from within the heart instead of the harsh critic in the mind berating you.

Would you berate a child with terrible judgements about how stupid, useless or ugly they are? Do you think that kind of judgement is helpful in any way to a human beings growth?

Then why would we do it to ourselves?

There’s always something to learn and there’s always room to grow. So we are both absolutely fine exactly where we are, and we can do better. However, when we try to ‘do better’ from a place of not feeling good enough, we spin around in circles. When it’s the harsh self-criticism that is motivating us to lose weight or cut 6 pack abs, we damage our psyches and it registers in the subconscious as betrayal.

When people ask about my story I used to tell them about the struggles that I overcame: the depression and anxiety, sexual abuse and trauma, self-doubt and codependency. These are some of life’s greatest challenges that rob us of joy and they are familiar to everyone whether you know it or not.

There are obstacles in life that you cannot prevent, and avoidanc