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This is why you may not be feeling the New Year … Yet

There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a POWERFUL year; but you may not be feeling like it's the new year quite yet … and that's okay!

While its been tradition for many to start their new year in the dead of winter there are many of us that simply do not connect that way. Different religions and beliefs all around the world celebrate the new year at different times, so why are we stuck on January 1st being the time for renewal and growth and why do we feel the need to change after this specific day?

The current new year comes from our Roman friend, Julius Caesar, whom also added 67 days to our calendar year. Before this, the new year took place during the equinox. Before jumping into this perspective on the new year, it is important to understand that solstice and equinox cycles.

The Solstices represent the longest and shortest days of the year, taking place in the summer and the winter. Equinox takes place when night and day are equal in length all over the world.

The original new year takes place when life is renewed during the spring equinox. March 20th is the point in time where the sun and the moon are equal, making it the perfect beginning to a new year.

Along with the belief that the new year takes place in the spring, there are many other religions that celebrate the new year at different times. Some believe that the beginning of the new year should take place when life begins, A.K.A your birthday. The Chinese New Year takes place in February marking the start of a new lunar moon. The Thai New Year takes place in April and the Ethiopian New Year takes place in September.

The beginning of resolutions started when new years celebrations took place in the spring. People would make promises to their gods in order for a good crop season.

Whatever New Year you connect to, celebrate it with the intention of setting goals to becoming the best version of you.

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Love Always,

Sol xx

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