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Unleashing My Anger

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The Living Narrative is growing fast and Zephyr has joined us in the expansion. He'll be offering support with movement, breath, kundalini and vocal coaching to release blockages in the body to clear your mind and open your heart so that you can have inner peace, confidence, joy and express yourself freely. You can catch us live on Instagram and Facebook sharing wisdom about the body and useful tools to reprogram your mind.

I’ll let Zephyr tell you his story, but I will tell you this: As most humans do, we have both experienced the struggle of overcoming anxiety, depression, loss, and lack mentality, among other life challenges. It’s painful. It sucks. A lot. So much so that it's all too common to suppress our negative emotions until they manifest into dis-ease, emotional weight or illness. In my recent experience, suppressed anger was holding me back from expressing myself honestly and I was playing small to not make others feel uncomfortable.

Zephyr took me through an emotional release practice that I had no idea I needed until he suggested it. Let me tell you what happened…

First of all, I rarely expressed anger for most of my life despite growing up in challenging and adverse conditions. I guess I figured it wasn’t something that I needed to experience. I battled depression in my teen years but whenever I had bouts of recovery I felt optimism quite rapidly, skipping over anger altogether.

I grew up with a very emotional single mother who worked hard and yet many months she still struggled to pay the bills. My father who was never around was an addict, and quite fucked up mentally from barely surviving an abusive childhood himself.

As a child I was overwhelmed by the intense emotions my mother expressed which caused me to shut down. It didn’t feel safe when she was upset, in fact, it felt uncontrollable and terrifying, so before I was even a few years old I had already decided subconsciously that it wasn’t safe for me to express my emotions either.

Top it off with the fact that our society has collective beliefs that ‘women are too emotional’ and ‘men need to be strong’ and it was decided: I would not show my feelings so that I wouldn’t be like ‘most women', and I would be strong because that’s what my mom needed and never had. The result: I never expressed anger because I didn’t think it was safe.

Zephyr helped me discover that all those times that I felt hurt, abandoned, betrayed and shamed, I actually had so much rage bubbling below the surface and I was holding onto it in my body. Despite having done a lot of personal work to help myself throughout the years, I have always found it easier to process trapped emotions when I have professional support. We are after all social creatures for a reason.

Having powerful support helped me go into difficult emotions and release them and I will tell you now, in all of my years dedicated to healing, growth and personal mastery, feeling and expressing my anger was one of the most challenging things I have done. Zephyr guided me to sense the emotion in my body and literally move it out with sound. It wasn't a pretty scene. There were tears and snot and screaming into pillows, and although it scared me at first I am so incredibly grateful that I had the courage to do it because those trapped emotions were holding me back in so many ways.

Pretty much overnight I noticed subtle and powerful shifts in my speech and confidence to express my truth without fear of judgement, and I find it much easier to ask for what I need in my relationships, I found even more clarity in my direction and I just straight up felt lighter. It amazes me that I spent so many years trying to do these things on my own. I make massive leaps in healing and growth when I have powerful support.

One thing is for sure: we hold unexpressed emotions and memories in the physical body and we need to move our body so that we can release them. Combining priming and reconditioning of the mind with embodiment practices such as kundalini, dance and breath work is essential to permanently transcend our limitations.

Newsflash: we ALL experience limitations and it's a part of the human experience to learn to love the journey and not take ourselves too seriously along the way. So sing, dance, cry, love and play, and learn how to operate your human apparatus. I promise it's the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and the entire planet.

Zephyr and I have taken the most transformative practices we have experienced both personally and professionally and distilled them into a powerful 7-week transformation that will help you release trapped emotions and overcome destructive subconscious thought patterns so that you can make your mind your best friend and discover what it means to love living in your body.

Love, Sol xx



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