Are you really going where you WANT to go??

This is about RAW YOU, and do you even know how to listen to your soul and what its fucking calling for, and what its totally desiring and needing, and you going to feed it with that love that’s in front of you in the world are you just gonna sit there and say NO and take the road that feels OFF? Afraid to step out of the box? Sit there in your comfort zone and just dream about what you could be doing?

We’re not all suppose to be the same. Everybody is meant to be unique. Own and realize there’s parts of yourself that have been held in a box. It’s time to come out of your box. Finally realize the truth and own who you are and take that on your fucking journey.

Stop bitching and complaining about problems in your life.

This isn’t external shit, its internal problems based on us not being authentic to who we are and putting ourselves in situations where we know it’s not right where we know those things aren’t right for us. It’s not part of our energy.

VERY FEW things are actually going be in alignment with your energy and that’s how you KNOW what to choose. You can ignore the mass amount of distractions and wait for the FUCK YES because then you know it’s in total alignment and you don’t have to convince yourself. It’s going to feel different, it will be unfamiliar if you’ve been doing things that are out of alignment.

But if you don’t follow that shit WTF are you doing?????????

You tell yourself, ‘I should be doing this because that’s what society says so, my family says so, the media says so, everyone else does it. I know i don’t want to be doing it but I’m being pulled this way anyways…’

The issue with you not having peace is because you are not being your TRUE SELF. It sounds fucking silly but it’s true. You can FEEL when you are DISCONNECTED.

Do you FEAR being YOURSELF? Do you fear your desires? The things you deeply want and need? Are you distracted by other people?

Choose the challenging road. What’s the hardest road in your life? It’s not easy but what the fuck are you doing if your not doing what your SOUL truly wants.

This is the time to live in the COURAGE of your heart.

How do we deal with it?