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Are you really going where you WANT to go??

This is about RAW YOU, and do you even know how to listen to your soul and what its fucking calling for, and what its totally desiring and needing, and you going to feed it with that love that’s in front of you in the world are you just gonna sit there and say NO and take the road that feels OFF? Afraid to step out of the box? Sit there in your comfort zone and just dream about what you could be doing?

We’re not all suppose to be the same. Everybody is meant to be unique. Own and realize there’s parts of yourself that have been held in a box. It’s time to come out of your box. Finally realize the truth and own who you are and take that on your fucking journey.

Stop bitching and complaining about problems in your life.

This isn’t external shit, its internal problems based on us not being authentic to who we are and putting ourselves in situations where we know it’s not right where we know those things aren’t right for us. It’s not part of our energy.

VERY FEW things are actually going be in alignment with your energy and that’s how you KNOW what to choose. You can ignore the mass amount of distractions and wait for the FUCK YES because then you know it’s in total alignment and you don’t have to convince yourself. It’s going to feel different, it will be unfamiliar if you’ve been doing things that are out of alignment.

But if you don’t follow that shit WTF are you doing?????????

You tell yourself, ‘I should be doing this because that’s what society says so, my family says so, the media says so, everyone else does it. I know i don’t want to be doing it but I’m being pulled this way anyways…’

The issue with you not having peace is because you are not being your TRUE SELF. It sounds fucking silly but it’s true. You can FEEL when you are DISCONNECTED.

Do you FEAR being YOURSELF? Do you fear your desires? The things you deeply want and need? Are you distracted by other people?

Choose the challenging road. What’s the hardest road in your life? It’s not easy but what the fuck are you doing if your not doing what your SOUL truly wants.

This is the time to live in the COURAGE of your heart.

How do we deal with it?

DON’T DO ANYTHING ANYMORE THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY. FREE. ALIVE AND FUN. No more relationships that are not deeply connected, spiritually, emotionally, creatively. You need to know what your YES feels like.

If it doesn’t feel right in your soul, it’s your higher self trying to guide your in a different direction. Trust the directional coordinates of discomfort.

What you focus on shows exactly what you value. Do you choose things based on other people’s value of them? Do you know what is actually most valuable to you? You might think ‘this car is valuable’ or ‘this relationship is valuable.’ But actually it might not be. And when you are disconnected from your SELF you are disconnected from your truth. You accept beliefs and evaluations about things that might not belong to you. More than anything you need that connection to YOU so that you can navigate your LIFE. Your relationships, your health, your career, your creative self-expression. It’s all stuff that needs nurturing it needs your attention and if you don’t know what to do, and you procrastinate it’s because you’re distracted and disconnected. IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE. We must simplify our lives.

Some of the greatest achievements of modern culture are the brilliant selling of our biggest distractions: the things that disconnect you from truth, making truth hard to live for. It all springs from a civilization that claims to adore life, but actually starves it of any real meaning; that endlessly speaks of making people happy but in fact blocks your way to the source of real joy.

It feeds off depression and anxiety and trains us to continue consuming and creates an almost impregnable environment of addiction around us. Mesmerized by the variety of choices and perceptions, most people wander endlessly astray trapped in vicious cycles.

The most important thing is human relationships, and love. Not material things.

But when we are disconnected from ourselves we block any real connection with other humans. We unconsciously sabotage relationships and push people away so that we don’t get hurt. We hide behind excuses and illusions so that we don’t have to face our shadows.Stress, anxiety, illness and weight issues are reminders that we are neglecting deep aspects of our beings.

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR STORY. It’s not even hard!! It may be temporarily painful, like ripping off a bandaid. With powerful support you can shed the layers that are NOT your TRUTH. You must LET GO of the old so that the real, true, unique and radiant expression of your souls divine essence can SHINE!! Let it die. It’s time for your rebirth.

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