Life-altering, radical transformation that creates deep, lasting shifts in as little as one session.

It is a powerful, fast and effective therapy which uncovers the root cause of issues and frees you from self-defeating beliefs and patterns. 


We then create and embed new, more beneficial, healthy beliefs and thought patterns, to produce permanent life-changing results, carving new neural pathways in the brain, reinforcing your powerful new belief systems and allowing you to heal so you can finally live your ideal life.


RTT has an exceptionally high success rate in treating weight loss, anxiety, depression, confidence issues and low self-esteem, addictions, as well as  IBS and other  physical dis-ease of the body and mind. 





  • Massively upgraded self-confidence and self-esteem 

  • New business opportunities and greater financial freedom

  • More fulfilling relationships with family and romantic partners

  • Easeful action and improved performance at work

  • Greater energy, stamina, and focus in daily and professional life

  • Freedom from depression and anxiety

  • Dramatic weight loss and changes in diet and exercise 

  • Relief from painful physical symptoms caused by illness

Is Rapid Transformation Therapy right for me?

RTT is right for you if you are committed to releasing old beliefs patterns and ready to stop telling the same old story so you can end the pain and suffering from hidden blocks, never-ending challenges, pain and fear that keeps you from creating a successful and fulfilling life.


This is not a bandaid. The changes and freedom are permanent.

These are the most common issues I treat. However, there are many more physical, mental and emotional issues that can be drastically improved and resolved with RTT.


 Relationship issues  

– Attracting and sustaining love
– Relationship conflict resolution​

– Sex & Intimacy

Mental Well Being

–  Confidence & self-esteem
–  Stress & Overwhelm
–  Fear & limiting beliefs

–  Depression & Anxiety
–  Addictions

Physical Body & Weight Issues

– Anorexia & bulimia
– Emotional Eating

- Allergies and Food Intolerances

– Cellular regeneration and healing
– Pain management

 Peak Performance

–  Work/life balance
–  Tapping into your life purpose
–  Corporate team motivation and success
–  Exam success (children and adults)
–  Motivation (end procrastination)
–  Goal-setting
–  Improving memory

Sexual Issues, Infertility, and Birth

– Erectile dysfunction
– Conception & IVF success
– Hypnobirthing

How much does it cost?

RTT is a solution-based approach to therapy, and therefore the answer will depend on your unique situation and what your goals are. 

Single Story Transformation

Rapid Transformational Experience Includes:

Rapid Transformational Therapy Session via zoom

Custom Hypnotic Audio (listen for 21 days)

Integrative Coaching Call

Follow-Up Call



Issues that can be completely resolved in just one session may generally take up to about 3 hours. Every person processes emotions and life events differently, and every situation is unique. Some issues are more complicated and can take 3-4 sessions to achieve permanent results. Therefore, it's important to fill out an application and schedule your free Life Direction Session to discover what's holding you back and what will best support you.


Fill out the application here.

**NOTE: While Sol occasionally offers single RTT sessions for unique situations, she has limited availability and primarily offers transformation in small groups and via her 3-month private mentorship program, REBIRTH.



“RTT has changed my life and brought healing and understanding for me on a personal level, something I had come to believe would never happen for me before you entered my life.”

Ange Wilcox

I have experienced a magnitude of positive changes and accelerated personal growth since starting Sols program. I now feel much lighter and more free since I have been able to work through many blocks in my life with help of hypnotherapy and Sol's unique approach.

Anna Fliginskykh

Soleil has a gentle and nurturing presence. During the sessions she offers tremendous guidance and wisdom, and intuitively knows which direction to move. She is a teacher and amazing healer. She has taught me so much about myself and I am grateful to have connected with her!

Ideet Martin

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