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a few results from

Consistent Clients Workshop

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"I am absolutely blown away by the positive changes I have experienced since working with Sol. I was looking for a rapid solution that would allow me to feel better quickly and start taking action in my life. I obtained that and so much more. I recommend hypnotherapy to every person I talk to. It's life-altering in the most incredible way. Stop hesitating and just dive in!"

Olivia Vizachero, MI

"Sol is AMAZING!!  I received an RTT session with Sol and my life hasn’t been the same.  She was able to see through all the issues... her guidance led to such clear and profound clarity and has changed my life in a profound way and it’s only been a week since our session!"


Life before Sol's program was a very tough time in my life. I lacked purpose, needed help finding direction, self confidence and self love. I had been in therapy for about a year and wasn’t seeing the results I felt like I desperately needed at the time. Then I had heard about hypnosis and how it could potentially help heal people faster than talk therapy. I didn’t like the thought of being hypnotized but I was starting to realize I had blocked alot of things out of my life due to trauma and I felt like digging into this maybe I could get some clarity on why I am who I am today. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the hypnosis but I was glad to find that I was completely conscious the whole time. I just felt like there was a bit more time and space to really think about things that had happened to me.  

My favorite part of this process is the recording you receive after. Listening to this really helps solidify new ways of thinking and I think helps making the changes you need happen faster. I really regained my self confidence and self love through this program. Sometimes its literally just as easy as hearing the things you need to hear continuously until you believe them yourself. If this is something you feel like can work for you, I definitely recommend doing this program with Sol. She is so kind and patient and makes you feel completely at ease with this process, as it can be very personal and scary. Im really thankful I came across her way! 

Krystal Ellsworth, LA

"Soleil has a gentle and nurturing presence. During the sessions she offers tremendous guidance and wisdom, and intuitively knows which direction to move forward in search of the underlying cause to the issue that we are working on. Her commitment is admirable- during the sessions and also in how proactive she is in checking in between sessions. She is a teacher and amazing healer. She has taught me so much about myself and I am grateful to have connected with her!"


"My healing journey with Sol has been nothing short of amazing! I always feel safe, understood and hopeful when we speak. Our RTT sessions have become somewhat of a releasing ceremony for me that leaves me feeling lighter every time. 

The power of the subconscious is truly amazing. In such a short period I was able to see tremendous improvements in self-esteem and confidence, I now see the world in a whole new way. 


Forever grateful to Sol who made it possible for me to love and

appreciate myself everyday"


"I have experienced a magnitude of positive changes and accelerated personal growth since starting Sol's program. Prior to it, I felt overwhelmed, lost, scared and didn't know where to start. I was paralyzed with fear and it seemed like I couldn't get out of that state. Sol helped me to develop clarity for my goals and gave me tools to deal with anything that life throws at me. I love that the program is very personal, and Sol serves as a mirror for clients by helping to develop beautiful relationships with the self and concentrating on what is important on individual level. Every step of the program felt very natural and I was guided to initiate all aspects of the transnational work. I now feel much lighter and more free since I have been able to work through many blocks in my life with help of hypnotherapy and Sol's unique approach. I found hypnotherapy to be a powerful and simple tool for changing thoughts and beliefs that don't serve me.

Anna Fliginskykh, MI

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