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What If You Could Eliminate Perfectionism, Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome and Destructive Habits forever?


All ambitious people are familiar with the inner critic. You know that judgemental voice that is FULL of opinions...  Sometimes it helps you to do amazing work, but too often it comes up at the worst times and makes you doubt yourself and everything that you do:

You're not ready.

You don't have enough experience. 

You might mess up. 

Whatever you do is never enough...

The unconscious belief that 'I am not enough' causes many destructive behaviors in otherwise talented and successful people:

  • Perfectionism

  • Playing Small and Doubting your Success

  • Second Guessing Yourself

  • Procrastination and Overwhelm

  • People Pleasing and Overworking

  • Lacking Joy and Self-Care


What would your life look like if you knew EXACTLY how to stop the inner critic anytime it tries to sabotage your success?


Irresistible Confidence Guided Meditation

A transformational audio is used by top performers and high achievers around the world to shrink the inner critic and feel irresistible confidence

in less than 20 minutes!

This transformational track will show you EXACTLY how to use the power of your mind to work FOR YOU instead of being stuck in self-doubt, worry, and overwhelm in less than 20 minutes so that you can feel confident in who you are and what you are here to do.

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irresistible confidence audio

Here's How It Works..

You don't have to walk on hot coals or repeat affirmations for weeks and months to try and convince yourself that you are confident...

All you have to do is find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted and listen to this transformational track once a day for 5 consecutive days and you will gain control over the inner critic which will give you tremendous confidence. 

This transformational meditation was created by advanced clinical hypnotherapist Sol Saint-Germaine. She helps top performers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who don't have a lot of time create rapid transformation by reprogramming the mind.


I've been listening and I notice that I have less drama in my mind around procrastination and just general dragging on. I am more chipper and positive. Also, it seems I am more aware of myself inside and out.

These are very welcome changes!

Business Woman
Olivia Vizachero

I was looking for a rapid solution that would allow me to feel better quickly and start taking action in my life. I obtained that and so much more. I recommend hypnotherapy to every person I talk to. It's life-altering in the most incredible way. Stop hesitating and just dive in!"

Jennifer Ford
Transformation Empowerment Coach

My sessions with Sol were life changing. I had tried numerous techniques prior to meeting her but after our session felt an immediate shift. This allowed me to uplevel in many areas of my life where I had felt “stuck.” I am beyond thankful I had the opportunity to work with her.

Lars Eriko

Sol has helped me change habits I thought I’d never be able to get rid of. I’ve tried many different methods and her technique freed me from years of suffering in a matter of moments. I got results very quickly, and continue to get more clarity each day. Thank you Sol for your incredible dedication!!

Sara Lurie

I've done a lot of healing and work the last few years. Plant medicine, therapy etc. I've also spent over 15 years of my life working in sales, business and coaching - I know a good communicator, and a good practitioner when I see one. Sol is one of the best, most to-the-point, well spoken and artistically balanced people I've worked with. And her medicine is profound. If you bring trust, openness and patience to her sessions - you will get buckets of healing in return. Sol and her work took me completely by surprise, and I recommend her to each and everyone of you.

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Get this life-changing transformational audio sent straight to your inbox:

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