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Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Your Body Is Not Only Wrong, But Can Actually Hurt You...


An intimate 40 day transformation experience to fall in love with who you are inside and out, so that you can look and feel good naked: mentally, emotionally, spiritually -- and physically.

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Do you feel the pressure to do more and be more?

Like what you do is never enough...

Like the things you want in life are hard to get...?

Do you feel frustrated with your body?


...or do you wake up feeling heavy and tired?

Are you overly critical or compare yourself to others?

Maybe you struggle with destructive habits, anxiety, or procrastination...

But it’s not just physical….


➤ You make goals, but struggle to make real progress... and the beat yourself up for not sticking to them and then "comfort" with bad food, social media or Netflix.

➤ Do you get stuck in your head, take a long time to make decisions, analyzing, and overthinking everything?

➤ You know deep down that you're meant for BIG things, but you get in your own way. know WHAT you need to do, but actually doing it is a different story.



💭 'I should be further along.'

💭 'Why is it so much easier for everyone else?'

💭 'I shouldn’t be struggling with these things when I know so much about personal development & health.'

💭 'If I could just figure out the right way to eat,  everything would be okay.'

💭 'If I could just lose 20 lbs, I would love myself.'

💭 'If I could just…'


The confusing part is how much you know about food, mindset, and healthy living…

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...but that’s not the issue.

The issue is the APPLICATION.


Because of the inconsistency and information overload

-- the back & forth of making and breaking promises with yourself --

you find yourself trapped in a cycle of

self-judgment & self-doubt & self-sabotage.

Meanwhile, your self-trust continues to slip away...


I want you to know this right now…


  • Nothing is wrong with you.

  • Your body is not broken.



After working with hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, CEOs, moms, coaches, and therapists... I noticed something: Most of them have this one thing in common: lack of joy.⁠

They get burnt out from working long hours, and feeling like no matter what they achieve, they can never get ahead.⁠ Most of them get into their profession, business, and niche, because someone else advised them too (a parent, teacher, coach, etc) or because they didn’t know what else to do.⁠


And even though many of them look confident on the outside, they often struggle with imposter syndrome and feel terribly insecure about their body.

Being ambitious they often take personal development training, courses, listen to podcasts, courses, and spend hours researching the latest trends….

But it never makes them happier.



what you need, and what I know you deeply desire is to...

» COME ALIVE and feel more pleasure, joy, and bliss in every cell of your body

» look and FEEL confident when you look in the mirror

» wake up feeling light, strong, energized, and inspired

» completely trust yourself so that you do what you say you’re going to do

» to be highly productive and efficient with your time without feeling stuck in the over-working loop, watching yourself burnout

» have deep inner peace and emotional resilience so that you don’t get completely thrown off when life presents unexpected challenges and stress

» experience more fun and intimacy in your relationships


Look and feel confident naked; mentally, emotionally, and physically...

what if you could...

Stop being so hard on yourself…

Make healthy choices for your body out of love

Enjoy food instead of seeing it as the enemy

Feel inspired to move your body simply because it feels good

Have more energy and better mental clarity and overall better mood.


Trust yourself...

Do what you say you are going to do so you can have better self-confidence for showing up for yourself

Effortlessly move towards your goals with pleasure

Wake up in the morning and jump out of bed with energy and excitement about your day.

Love what you see in the mirror…

Release the emotional and physical weight that has been making you feel tired, heavy, and uncomfortable in your body…

Radiate with confidence wherever you go - and with whomever you're with

Become unapologetic and love who you are in your life and in your relationships.

Give yourself the permission to explore who you really are, and what you want, so that you can create a life that TURNS YOU ON


Maybe you've experienced this before on Monday morning..

Looking at your calendar with your best-laid plans to start a new routine. As you made the decision to start a new habit, perhaps you remember that feeling of euphoria you felt.

“Oh the possibility! The confidence! I believe in myself!”


Then you start your new routine and... BOOM! You suddenly feel: 

• OVERWHELMED at all the work you have to do


• CONFUSED because now you’re doubting yourself and not sure if you’ll be able to stick with it… you failed so many times...


• FRUSTRATED at your lack of progress and commitment


• ISOLATED because you’re trying to do it alone


• STUCK and UNMOTIVATED. Eventually, you procrastinate, you sleep in, you binge, your best-laid plans fall to the side, your To-Dos pile-up, and you find yourself back where you started, feeling defeated and wondering why it’s so hard to have what you want.


Whatever you want to change about your life -- career, relationship, health, -- it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.


And the best place to start that is in the body.


BUT >> most people struggle to feel good in their body because they obsess over food, binge, drink too much, and follow diets and exercises and morning routines that don’t work for them, or they are so critical and put so much pressure on themselves that it becomes impossible to stick to the positive changes they are trying to make.





don't wait - spots are limited

Nourish your body, mind and soul so you can feel healthy, confident and unapologetically fall in love with who you are -- inside and out.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to

Strip away the stories that keep you feeling stressed, stuck and insecure,

and deepen the connection with your body and soul in, 40 days, so you can

look and feel good naked: mentally, emotionally, spiritually -- and physically. 


NAKED is 40-day transformational experience to live a turned-on life for high achievers who want to feel confident inside and out, and get into the best mental and physical health without strict diets and exercise.

✔ Fun, playful, and integrative transformational experiences via zoom, every Thursday at 7:00 PT.

✔ Sky-rocket your motivation with a customized 40-day personal mind-body practice.

✔ Receive a private Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session to reprogram your mind to accelerate your results, filling you with confidence, making your personal practice effortless. 

✔ Connection + Accountability: Weekly group calls via zoom to deepen your personal practice, and stay on track, and get through any challenges and support in an online community with other powerful people just like you.

Cultivate the pleasure-based lifestyle that you’ve been deeply desiring.




✔ Release emotional eating patterns and shed physical weight

✔ Get into your best physical and mental health from the inside out

✔ Change your story to release limiting beliefs and permanently end self-sabotage

✔ Activate tremendous confidence, power, and self-trust so you easily stick to your goals

✔ Deepen self-connection, pleasure, and joy, and discover what makes you come alive

what people are saying...

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Just think - just 40 days from right now... you'll be feeling SO ALIVE and amazing in your body,  clear and confident in your mind,  thrilled from completing to your commitment, nourishing yourself every step of the way -- and loving the reflection you see in the mirror.


And, the best part -- you'll experience powerful Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy so you can put aside your fears and doubts about not having the willpower to stick to it, knowing that you’ll have the most effective support and powerful practices and tools to make it happen!

Here's a taste of what we'll cover...

week 1



Transforming your mind + body takes consistent action. And let's face it - that takes energy. We'll lay the foundation for your massive transformation over the next 40 days by lighting a gigantic fuse. Three, actually -- to keep you engaged, fired up, and in motion toward your goals.


Not only will you embrace all the changes with enthusiasm, but you'll also have more fun, more energy… and feel more inspired that you have in years.


week 2



Most people want MORE… more energy, more focus, more clarity, more money, more connection. But most people don’t have room for more. This week you’ll strip what's clogging your flow and make the space that you need so you can receive your deepest desires.

Identify the kryptonite that zaps your energy and destroys your momentum causing you to self-sabotage, so you can create the antidote and set yourself up for success. Create custom rituals for productivity, relaxation, that get you TURNED ON.


week 3



Bring massive awareness & clarity to the mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, subconscious programming, & old stories keep holding you back from where you want to be.


You’ll learn The Living Narrative Formula - the exact steps to rewrite your story, transform your limiting beliefs and ‘upgrade your programming’ so that you feel confident about making changes in your habits and behaviors -- the easy way. 


Strip away the limiting thoughts you have about your body that keep you stuck, and level-up your beliefs about your body, exercise, health, food, and habits, so you can connect with who you really are and express that in the world.



week 4



Get Out Of Your Head + Into Your Body. Not all exercise is created equal. Everyone's body is different. Loving your body means moving your body in ways it enjoys and doing activities that enhance your well-being. 


This week is a turning point for you & your human experience. You’ll learn about the power of your sexual energy & how to alchemize energy to release shame, trauma & judgment so you can access deep joy, satisfaction, and healing through breath and meditation. You'll learn how to stay in your body & out of your head, which increases your capacity for pleasure, joy, and abundance.

week 5



Doubt and fear are a normal part of life, but you can't let these emotions paralyze you and prevent you from taking action and creating the life you desire. Learn how to block out distractions and naysayers, moving from fear into confidence and action, time and time again.


Learn exactly how to call upon your inner strength to push through resistance when needed, and when it would be wisest for you to soften and surrender to the flow of life, creating focus, clarity, and self-trust.


Release tremendous energy and confidence this week, as you anchor your sense of self, which creates deeper intimacy & connection with lovers and friends. Confidence looks SO good on you!

week 6



Your body is always talking to you. Tension and stress are a symptom of fighting against your own inner guidance. You’ll learn how to listen and connect with your intuitive wisdom.


Quieting the mind aligns you to your soul. A fit body allows for the mind to become still so the soul can do the navigating.


Imagine the peace and certainty of being able to access the best advice for YOU, knowing exactly what actions you need to take and when. 


Think of how you’ll feel now that you feel confident in your body and trust yourself to do what you say you’re going to do. Think of what you'll accomplish now that you only take aligned action on the highest priority items for YOU.


week 7



Celebration is the key integrating your transformation and will create unshakeable self-trust & deep inner knowing to guide you on your path so that you can continue to create the health, wealth, life, and love you've always imagined -- in a body + mind you absolutely love.


40 days of getting NAKED will strip away all the stories that have caused you to shrink down and play small. It will uncover who you really are -- who you are destined to be --  and show you how to fall in love with what you discover, inside and out.


And That's Not All...

when you invest in yourself and get NAKED this fall, you'll also get these incredible bonuses to support your success:

BONUS 1: Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy ($695 value)

No matter what diet, exercise, or morning routine you do... Until you find the root cause of your self-sabotage, you’ll never feel confident in your body. Receive a 1:1 Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session with Sol to get to release your biggest subconscious blocks and install a powerful new story. You can use this session for:

weight-loss, confidence, procrastination, addictions, exercise motivation, emotional and disordered eating, skin conditions, IBS and other gut issues, and other physical, or emotional issues.

BONUS 2: ecstatic + Somatic movement videos ($250 value)

Additional video training, orgasmic breath, kundalini yoga, and other meditation and movement practices to custom tailor to your specific goals, needs, and desired 40-day experience.

BONUS 3: Invite Only Facebook Group (a $297 value) 

Get direct support and encouragement from Sol as well as other members, between the group coaching calls. This is perfect for when you need a quick answer on a question or concern right away in order to move forward.

Here's everything you get...

Naked 40 Day LIVE Experience Program ($2000)
And by joining today you'll also receive these bonuses:
Bonus #1: Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session ($695 value)
Bonus #2: Somatic Ecstatic Movement Videos ($250 value)
Bonus #3: Private App for Online Group ($297 value)
Total Value:
Regular Price Only:
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Or 3 Easy Payments Of:
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We begin Thursday, October 1 at 7pm PT

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The Living Narrative Vault of Transformational Audio Recordings

($550 Value)

Transformational Audios to reprogram your neural pathways, change your story and upgrade your habits so that you can transform your life the easy way - for years to come!



Life Purpose Workshop

($197 Value)

Weekend workshop of self-discovery to dive into your gifts, passions, clarity, and direction, so that you can take consistent aligned action, feel successful, prosperous, and on purpose -- and get turned on by your life.

“But Sol, I don’t have time to add another thing onto my plate….”

I get it... the last thing you want to do is put more stress and pressure on yourself... and if you're in an online learning course, have a lot of work, and uncertain what's going to happen this fall... then that's EXACTLY WHY YOU NEED this 40-day practice -- so that you ca